Jurgen Welbergen

MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER FOTO! You always come across good, skilled and reliable people via a positive story of others. That is how I met Daisy van Knotsenburg. Daisy's website states; 'After all, images say more than 1000 words, when they are portrayed in the right way'. Daisy absolutely nailed that!

Daisy von Dutch Photography

Daisy asks questions, provides input and, above all, she makes you think about the message that you want to spread and the image that goes with it. That takes some time to get used to! Her approach makes you very aware of what you want to achieve with the images. With such a strong starting point and her incredible passion, knowledge and expertise, she delivers top results!

If you want to know more about Daisy von Dutch Photography? Check; https://www.daisyvondutch.nl

All photos on the DJ Groove Monkey website come form Daisy. The atmosphere, colors and appearance are completely tailored to the website and the styling and appearance that we want for DJ Groove Monkey. Daisy also provided an 'image bank'. A nice set of images that I can use for my social media.