De DJ Coach uit team DJ Groove Monkey

Jurgen Welbergen

The DJ and Producers profession is a tough world. It helps to become successful if you are well prepared for this. The DJ Coach in The Hague offers tailor-made coaching. Andrew Soffner has inspired and advised me in my styling, my musical development and my marketing strategy.

De DJ Coach is the nr1 DJ centre in The Hague!

The DJ Coach has taught me that a good DJ performance starts with knowledge and passion for the music you play. For me that's DISCO! Why play house or moombahton only because I think it's hip? The feedback sessions with the DJ Coach will bring you to the style and music that empower you to create the best guest experience.

Of course it all starts with good basic skills and knowledge of the equipment. Andrew Soffner from the DJ Coach has helped me in a fantastic way with the transition from my old trusted analog equipment and technology to the digital world and the Pioneer standard in DJ equipment.

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