Mascolori colourful shoes

Jurgen Welbergen

IT’S ALL ABOUT STYLE Disco is alive and kicking! DJ Groove Monkey has knowledge and passion for that music and the styling that goes with it. The vibe and appearance of the luxurious clubs where I play need much more thanjust a hoodie and a pair of sneakers. DJ Groove Monkey is therefore always dressed in a tight tailored suit. Mascolori shoes make this picture complete!

Mascolori is DJ Groove Monkey style

Mascolori was founded in 2011 and was born in Rotterdam. Mascolori is there for people who see things differently and, above all, do things differently. Mascolori designs the entire collection in Rotterdam. The shoes are made in Portugal with great dedication and craftsmanship. By hand and in small editions of around 75 pairs.

Because Mascolori produces in super small quantities, you guaranteed wear a mega unique shoe.

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