Jurgen Welbergen

THE FASTEST WAY TO GET IN SHAPE! Always busy with all sorts of things….. DJ'ing and a drink here and a dinner there….. Especially because Groove Monkey always comes into the nicest and best places. All fine as long as the balance is right. Recognizable? This is where personal trainer Kylian steps in!

Train to stay in the groove!

You know that you have to move and that your presentation as a DJ is important. On to the fitness club you would think..... But I know myself that I don't like it so much in there. The solution? Personal trainer Kylian!

Instead of following some boring standard program created by the average completely disinterested fitness trainer, withb Kylian you never know what's coming. Kylian is creative and motivating. As a personal trainer, he makes every workout surprising and challenging. And it more than just training! With advice on healthy and balanced nutrition and the weekly weighing moment (always exciting) he keeps you on the right track.

Training with Kylian as a personal trainer is especially fun! It is always an hour of hard work, but due to the constant variety and the relaxed atmosphere, it is never boring and it brings a lot of satisfaction and results. You can find Kylian at Instagram and Facebook