Jurgen Welbergen

THE LATEST TRENDS FOR A WIDE PUBLIC Salsa Beach Club in Rockanje and DJ Groove Monkey are a good match! The relaxed atmosphere of this top location on the beach of Rockanje and the wide group of regular guests that feels at home there, is completely in the vibe of DJ Groove Monkey.

Salsa Beach Club is well known!

Salsa Beach Club was was established as one of the first permanent Beach Clubs in the Netherlands. With that, it has never lost its reputation as a true trend setter among Beach Clubs.

For more than 30 years, Salsa Beach Club has been a trend setter. Rockanje without this club is unthinkable. In all those years Salsa Beach Club has always responded to the latest trends and now is very well known in The Netherlands. Check;

Thanks to owner Ton Melsen that Salsa Beach Club could also be used as a location for the photo shoot with Daisy von Dutch Photography. All photos on DJ Groove Monkey's website were taken there.