Jurgen Welbergen

IT’S ALL ABOUT STYLE The genre, the tracks, the presentation and the customer experience..... For DJ Groove Monkey it's all about the perfect picture. DJ Groove Monkey brings back the warm vintage club feeling with creative and recognizable track lists for a wide audience. The dress code of DJ Groove Monkey in tailor made suits fits with this image.

Always properly dressed for the occasion

The decoration and styling of your club or restaurant has been carefully thought out and executed. Much attention has been given to the atmosphere and appearance that makes you unique and brings the best guest experience. DJ Groove Monkey is here to support that cause. That is why he is always dressed in a nice tailored suit.

DJ Groove Monkey's clothing is custom made by Suityourself. It is a pleasure to go through the endless choice of fabrics, linings, stitching, buttons and models together with Niels Galjart. Really any combination is possible! The end result is always top class.

The feeling you have when you put on a tailored suit for the first time is an experience! And you know what's so nice? You get an incredible amount of compliments..... Do you want to know more about Suityourself? check;