Jurgen Welbergen

WITH DJ GROOVE MONKEY YOU KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. That is why I provide as much information as possible on my website and on my website several mixtapes mixtapes can be listened to. As a hospitality entrepreneur, you know exactly which style and which music you can expect from DJ Groove Monkey.

Trust and clear agreements are important!

If I haven't played in your location before, of course we need to get to know each other first. I'd love to come by for that! We discuss in advance what the wishes and expectations are, whether the right equipment is available or whether I have to bring equipment, etc. Of course, DJ Groove Monkey is always dressed in a neat suit.

Trust and clear agreements are also important about the rates. At DJ Groove Monkey you know exactly where you stand! Requesting a quote and waiting to see what will happen is therefore not necessary.

Also look at the 'Back In Business' deal. Solidarity with the catering entrepreneurs is self-evident for DJ Groove Monkey after all the uncertain times! You will find all price information HERE.